Saturday, November 29, 2008

She So Street feat. Rane

The new Single is out!

"She so Street" feat. Rane (WPGC) from Konshens' upcoming (sophomore project titled " Konshens and his State of Mind: The Evolution") album. The release date is slated for December 20. This project is very unique with regards to the genre of music that Konshens does…HIP HOP! Konshens has constructed his very own 7-piece band that he performs with live playing the music; this project has been recorded with his band. SO for those that appreciate live instrumentation, good meaningful lyrics then this one is for you!

We are having a release party on December 6 in which I will keep all of you informed in the event that anyone wants to attend.

The single "She so Street" is a story about a young man who gives all he has for this female even to the most extreme limits. Only to find out that the female he loves is actually the streets. And no matter how faithful one may be to the streets the streets never reciprocate that faithfulness and love. We hope this song sparks a thought of change in those young men hugging the block believing that's all they have. Not realizing that when they are locked up and/or killed as a result the cycle continues. Listen to the lyrics!

Thank you for your time…. And if you're feeling the song, by all means REQUEST IT REQUEST IT REQUEST IT to you local radio stations!!!!! Please pass the word!!!

Thanking all of you in advance!!!

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